We Design and Deliver Experience

Your full-line logistic partner

Who are we

Hop Express began as a modest setup in June 2018, with operations based in the land of smiles, Thailand, and is currently headquartered in Bangkok. It was launched by a team of passionate individuals with extensive experience in the logistic and ecommerce industries, driven by the very values it was established upon. We are supported by our partners based in Singapore with strong expertise in IT and blockchain developments.

Our HOP Values



We are honest in our dealings, placing our clients’ needs as our priority. We will never tolerate dishonesty, upholding the pride in the things we do and deliver.



We are open to ideas and suggestions in improving all aspects of our services. Maintaining active dialogues within and with our counterparts are the keys to our success.



We shall remain persistent in the course of delivering quality services. Never yielding to sub-standards and always giving our 100%, to be a reliable & trusted partner.

Our Vision

We envisioned HOP Express to be one of the leading logistic solution providers in Southeast Asia, serving as a benchmark for innovative services that would transform how consumers and businesses manage their delivery needs in the most effective and customized way possible.

What we strive for

Our mission is to innovate, transform and excel in the services that we provide, hopping ahead in one of the most transformative times of the logistic industry.


We innovate to improve our services to suit the everchanging demands of end consumers and businesses alike in this technological era.


We craft and embrace transformations of our service to keep pace and hop ahead in delivering effective and timely logistic solutions.


We strive to excel and be consistent in upkeeping our service level, upholding our customer-centric approach in providing quality logistic solutions.