Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the delivery fee calculated?

The delivery fee is calculated based on the size and weight of the consignment. Our delivery fee starts from 30 Baht.

What is the liability coverage?

Every consignment has a maximum liability coverage of 5,000 Baht for damage or loss caused by HOP Express, given that the consignment is under the claim lists.

Where can I track the shipment status?

You may track the shipment status through our website, or our HOP Express mobile application or call our HOPPER Center 02-2030-664.

What is the minimum number of shipments to be eligible for an account customer?

Shippers must have a minimum of 10 shipment each time to be eligible for an account customer.

What are other possible reasons of an undeliverable shipment and how can I get it back?

There are many possible reasons of undeliverable shipments, including but not limited to unsuccessful shipment delivery within 7 days, or shipment rejected by consignee. Undeliverable shipment will be returned to the same spot without extra surcharge.

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